Starting to help develop code introduction

Alex Kempster at
Thu Nov 7 08:42:17 EST 2013

I would like to help develop source code for this project. From my research
I understand that GnuCash is based on C and GTK+. I know that the code can
be accessed at:

I looked through the FAQ but was unable to find a route in to helping
develop for this project.
Can anybody provide information as to a good starting point such as
code tidying or minor

patches and modifications? I am a competent C programmer and I have
dabbled a little bit
on GTK, SDL and OpenGL. I also have a few years experience working on
parallelization of
programs using OpenMP. I realise that GnuCash only runs on a single
processor core so

improving the performance of calculations such as large for loops is
something that I feel

could enhance the project. Can I add support for using multiple
processor cores using OpenMP

and if so, where would be a good place for me to start? Finally, I
can't find any information on

setting up development under linux, is there a guide for this or
general tool-suite that is

commonly used?

Thank you for your time!

Kind Regards,

Alex Kempster

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