Parent accounts total vs. balance

Robert Ratliff ratliff.bobby at
Thu Nov 14 14:47:40 EST 2013

I have a question about parent accounts: placeholder vs. non-placeholder 
accounts. Both accounts can have one or more subaccounts. But a 
placeholder account can't have any transactions posted to itself, only 
to its children. On the other hand, a non-placeholder account can have 
transactions posted to itself.

In the GnuCash accounts page, there is a Total column which shows the 
total for parent accounts. If you open a placeholder account, you get 
the message "This is a read-only account" or something like that. If you 
open a non-placeholder account, you can see the transactions posted 
there and the balance of that account.

Is the a column that I can turn on in the main accounts view that would 
show the balance of non-placeholder parent accounts? When I say balance, 
I mean the balance of the transactions posted in it, without any totals 
of the balances of the child accounts.

Does that make sense?


Robert Ratliff
github: rratliff

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