Distcheck failure (from irc)

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at telenet.be
Sat Nov 16 10:16:49 EST 2013


last night you asked on irc:
gjanssens: Geert, I'm getting gschema errors about files in POTFILES.in but not in the dist. E.g. 
Should I fix POTFILES.in or Makefile.am?

I only saw this message a few minutes ago.

I get the same errors, but find this very odd. The files distcheck complains about are in the 
distributed tarball.

I ran make distcheck and after the errors there is a directory
gnucash-2.5.7. If you look in there, the files the check complains about are in there.

Also if I check the generated Makefiles the relevant files are added to DIST_COMMON, which is 
added to DIST_FILES, together with EXTRA_DIST.

I do think the *.in.in files should be in POTFILES.in, because these are the files from which the 
translatable strings should be extracted.

So I'm not sure why this is not working.


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