German Translation

Christian Stimming christian at
Tue Nov 19 15:29:22 EST 2013

Am Montag, 18. November 2013, 12:24:21 schrieb Martin Mainka:
> Hi,
> i finished some de_DE translation of the gnu-cash guide. Chapter loans
> is finished, chapter accounts is partly translated and there are some
> corrections and dummys for resolving cross-reference errors in the de_DE
> files. The added figures are still from the US Version.
> Please find enclosed the diff of the directory and the zip with the
> files. Can someone please check in the files under gnucash-docs/guide/de_DE

Dear Martin,

thanks a lot! This was surely a lot of work. I've committed your files to SVN 
so that those German texts will now be in the next release of gnucash. On a 
quick glance the text is of high quality and is very well written. Thank you 
very much. If you have any updates, feel free to submit them here as well.



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