String freeze and string corrections

Christian Stimming christian at
Thu Nov 21 04:09:24 EST 2013

Hi Geert,

the formal set of rules from 2.4 times are still valid:

However, as we've just entered string freeze mode, I think we should  
still be open for typo corrections. Translators will have to cope with  
approx. 1000 changed or new strings, so still changing a few of them  
doesn't really get anyone into trouble. In Aurimas's case, those  
corrections concern some strings that are only seldomly visible.  
Because of this, I'd suggest to accept his typo corrections right now  
so that we don't have to do any bookkeeping on them.

This would be different if we talk about changes that will be visible  
for any user right on start up, such as typos in the very main window.  
Those should probably be delayed until 2.6.0 is out the door. But for  
almost invisible strings, I'd say just do the corrections right now.



Zitat von Geert Janssens <janssens-geert at>:

> It's been a while since the previous string freeze, so I'm a
> bit rusty...
> Can someone remind me again how we handle string
> corrections that appear during string freeze ? Like the
> two patches Aurimas has posted today ?
> Are these authorized exceptions to the string freeze ?
> Geert
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