r23416 Breaks Report Tests

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at telenet.be
Tue Nov 26 05:00:55 EST 2013

On Monday 25 November 2013 22:57:26 Peter Broadbery wrote:
> Having originally wrote the tests, I've had a look at this, but not
> been able to replicate it - running Ubuntu 13.04.  It would help to
> see exactly what html is generated for a report in an environment
> where the test does not work (plus the full stack traces).
> The chances are that the test code is failing to match the report to
> the expected text.  I suspect the easiest fix is to force the locale
> to "C" within the test, but I'm none too familiar with locales.
> Peter

That was a good suggestion, thanks !

I have now fixed the tests by explicitly setting the locale to "C" right before generating the 
test output. It may make sense though in the future to extend the test to run in several 
locales to catch issues that are locale dependent.

That could catch issues like
- the one I had with € symbols in the tax invoice report (in guile 2 these were not displaying 
correctly, the reason I added the setlocale call in the first place).
- weird date formatting issues
- non-utf locales
- ...

Anyway, that's not my current focus.

The existing report tests properly pass dist check, so on to the next issue to polish...


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