Screen shots and blurb wanted !

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Wed Nov 27 06:53:39 EST 2013


Wanted to contribute to GnuCash but don't know how ? Here's your chance :)

The gnome platform is changing its software centre to work more like an appstore than a tool to 
install packages. So each application that wants to be visible in the new software centre needs 
some nice screen shots to show and a nice summary of what the application does.

That's the very short explanation. More details about this can be found here [1]

I have created a basic appdata file as required for the software centre, but there are two 
problems with it:
1. I'm not a good writer, so the summary is not good enough (too short).
2. I have referenced some screen shots from our website, but those are not accepted due to a 
wrong aspect ratio (the software centre wants images in the 16:9 ratio)

So what can you do ?

1. look at the description that is currently in our appdata file [2] and make it better. The 
guidelines for a proper description can be found at [1].

2. Make some nice screen shots of GnuCash in action and make them available somewhere for 
us to view. The best 3 will be used for the software centre. If there are many more submissions, 
a selection of the nicest screen shots will be used for a gallery on the GnuCash website.

Timing: please submit your work before December 10, so we can make the selection for the RC 
release mid-December.

You will be doing many users a favour with this relatively easy opportunity to contribute and 
you will have my sincerest gratitude :)




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