Seeking documentation review

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Fri Oct 4 13:51:29 EDT 2013

On Friday 04 October 2013 18:01:02 Wm Tarr wrote:
> On 04/10/2013 15:15, John Ralls wrote:
> > On Oct 4, 2013, at 7:05 AM, Wm Tarr <wm.tarr at> wrote:
> >> On 24/09/2013 03:32, Robert Ratliff wrote:
> >>> Can someone please review some documentation I've written that I
> >>> would like to contribute to GnuCash? I've created a bug for the
> >>> change, and submitted my changes as a patch.
> >>> 
> >>> The patches are in the bug report here:
> >>>
> >> 
> >> I have a few comments to make, some are small changes to actual
> >> text, others more general.  What is the best way to do it?> 
> > Make your comments on the bug report.
> Done for now.
> RobertR:  no amount of explaining is going to fix gnc's Budgeting but
> we might as well explain what it does and doesn't do as is.
> Are other people here OK with that approach?  I might be able to fix a
> few of the reports but I don't have the inside-gnc knowledge to fix
> the guts and always just take it outside, at least I know my scripts
> work and what their limits are.  So I sort of wonder if some of the
> reports shouldn't just be marked "may not do what you expect".
> I should add that I used Stable rather than Unstable for my testing
> but I don't think anyone has worked on Budgets recently.  I can use
> either if anyone can tell me otherwise.
Thanks for your feedback.

Actually there are a few changes in the budget area in unstable. I don't know which or how 
much though. I didn't really follow the development as I'm not using the feature.

> Aside:
> ===
> guide_and.2For_help_files ===
> says
> ===
> If you want to edit the files on /Windows/ or /MacOSX/, we don't know
> yet a good software tool that can process the DocBook files so that
> you can see the final document. Please add your comments here if you
> have a better solution.
> ===
> I did it all on Win XP using cygwin (sans X) having googled in circles
> for a bit.  Should cygwin or mingw+msys be a barrier to people
> editing documentation these days?  the *nix command line instructions
> worked fine.

I'm glad that worked fine for you. Can you add some instructions to the wiki page ? That 
would help other people  coming after you. Thanks !


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