Fresh install of gnucash 2.5.6 crashes on windows

Ruud Bijnen r.bijnen at
Sun Oct 13 09:25:12 EDT 2013

Dear devs,

I wanted to help and test the unstable branch, but am having some problems
(2.5.6 release).

A fresh install of 2.5.6 crashed right after launch, only showing the "Tip
of the day" and splash screen for a very brief moment.
The Trance file only contains "* 22:49:57  INFO <gnc.engine>
[gnc_hook_lookup] no hook lists" when launched with the --debug flag.
I tried running the program with gdb, but the debugger crashes :/ (I still
have the log output, but I don't think it's of any help)

Uninstalling 2.5.6 + removing gnucash related dirs in %USERPROFILE% +
reboot + re-install doesn't seem to help.

Doing a upgrade from 2.4.13 to 2.5.6 however seems to resolve the issue!

BTW: As you can have only one version of GnuCash installed and I wanted to
keep working in 4.3.12 I've set up a VirtualBox VM (Win7 Ult. x86) to test

Same problem occurs in a WinXP VM. But using ProcMon I was able to see what
gnucash.exe was trying to do right before crashing:
CreateFile | C:\Documents and
Settings\User\.gnc-migration-tmp\migrate-prefs-user.scm | PATH NOT FOUND
CreateFile | C:\Documents and Settings\User\.gnc-migration-tmp | NAME NOT

I've put up the complete ProcMon log here:
csv) (zipped pml,
native ProcMon file format)

I hope this info is of some help.

Kind regards, Ruud Bijnen

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