Problem with X11 version of GnuCash on MacOSX

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Sat Oct 19 04:03:20 EDT 2013

Hi Mike,

I don't know much about the internals of Gtk/Gdk either.

You refer to a missing system schema. Perhaps this is because GnuCash 
now overwrites the XDG_DATA_DIRS environment variable in some cases. 
This is done in order to find the GnuCash specific schemas if GnuCash is 
not installed in /usr.

Can you perhaps run a git bisect to pinpoint the exact commit that first 
shows this error ? That would help to eliminate some speculation.


On Friday 18 October 2013 23:14:32 Mike Alexander wrote:
> I just updated to the current GIT head and rebuilt the X11 (not
> native) version of GnuCash on MacOS 10.8.5.  It appears that the
> settings migration might have broken this version of GnuCash.  When I
> launch it, it crashes immediately with an assert in
> gnc_add_stock_icon_pair because gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file fails with
> the error
> Couldn't recognize the image file format for file
> '/tools/gnucash-git/install/share/gnucash/pixmaps/gnc-account.png'
> Googling around a bit seems to imply that this can be caused if a
> system schema is missing.  I haven't done anything that should cause
> that to happen, and older versions of GnuCash still run fine, so I
> suspect that something has changed to remove some initialization call
> that is important in this environment, but not necessary when using a
> Gnome desktop.  Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?  My
> knowledge of GDK is limited.
>             Mike
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