Tab position preference

Mike Alexander mta at
Sat Oct 19 23:31:06 EDT 2013

I just noticed a minor problem with the new settings code.  I had my 
tab position preference set to "Right" but after I migrated to the new 
preference system the tabs show up on the top of the window until I 
open the Preferences dialg.  As soon as I do that they immediately jump 
to the right.  This seems to be because initializing the preferences 
dialog causes gnc_main_window_update_tab_position to be called when it 
binds the radio buttons to the preferences for tab position.  I set a 
breakpoint there and this is the first time that this function is 

I'm running the X11 version of GnuCash on MacOSX.  Does anyone know 
where the preferences are stored in that environment?  I can't find 
them and I can't find any recently changed file that might contain 
them.  When I try to look at them with the gsettings command, I seem to 
get the default values, but GnuCash manages to get the correct current 


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