Latest 2.5 build crashes at start

Mike Evans mikee at
Mon Oct 21 05:53:06 EDT 2013

The latest devel version crashes at start with:

* 10:32:03  WARN <gnc.scm> *** GnuCash switched to a new preferences system ***
* 10:32:03  WARN <gnc.scm> Attempt to migrate your preferences from the old to the new system
* 10:32:03 OTHER <GLib-GIO> Settings schema 'org.gnucash.dialogs.import.ofx' is not installed
Trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped)

On Linux FC18.  

My config options are:

OPTIONS="--enable-debug --with-html-engine=webkit --enable-python --enable-ofx  --enable-aqbanking"

Any thoughts?

Mike E

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