Python API questions

Niranjan Rao nhrdls at
Tue Oct 22 16:58:13 EDT 2013


Got couple of questions about python API. First important question is if 
the python API is officially supported API?

I am on Ubuntu 12.04, using version 2.4.10 through standard sources. 
Python bindings are also installed from standard Ubuntu repositories.

Have a simple python script adapted from python examples, as follows.  
What confuses me is if I uncomment line "", then exported 
data is overwritten. Does this mean I don't need to call save on 
exported file? If I leave the commented block, account export does work 

from gnucash import Session, Account, Transaction, Split, GncNumeric

session = Session("/tmp/gnucash.xml.gz", is_new=False)
exp  = Session("xml:///tmp/t3.xml" , is_new=True)

exp.export(session, None)




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