GnuCash OFX import not matching accounts of same ID

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Sep 6 11:23:52 EDT 2013


Ngewi Fet <ngewif at> writes:

> Thanks for the input.
> Derek, I will take another look at QIF. Amongst other things I stayed away
> from it for lack of standardization, no transaction IDs etc [1]. The issue of
> duplicate transactions is handled because the app itself tracks already
> exported transactions. So if QIF can fill in the gap here, then it would be
> worth a shot.

True, there is no SDO document on QIF, but it is a de facto standard.
It's so simple that the various pages you find from google pretty much
document the thing.

Lack of transaction IDs are only important if you want the receiver to
be able to deal with automatic duplicate detection.  If your app is
doing it itself then that doesn't matter.

> John, It is indeed easy to forget. I looked through the source but didn't want
> to make any changes yet. For one I'm not sure if I'll be breaking what is
> expected behaviour in order to suit my case. So I need more information first
> and also familiarize myself with the code base, but I'll keep it in mind. For
> now, I needed a more immediate fix.

I don't think it would break anything to have it do a look-and-see and
fall back to current behavior if it does not find a match.

> Regards,
> Ngewi
> [1]:
> details.impexp.qifimp.html


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