Register-2 Data Entry

Graham Menhennitt graham at
Thu Sep 12 04:37:17 EDT 2013

On 11/08/2013 04:34, John Ralls wrote:
> I guess I should have done this much sooner, but I tried using Register2. Some issues:
> * The number field is reproduced when copying a memorized transaction if it's left blank before tabbing out of the description field. 
> * Return doesn't commit the transaction and move to a new empty one, it toggles the edit state on the current field. Tabbing off the end of the transaction, rather than opening a new empty transaction, takes one to the first entry in the account. Arrow-down doesn't do anything. I was able to commit the transaction by arrowing up, which created a new empty transaction that I could arrow down to, but of course the cursor isn't in the date column where I need to start, it's in whatever column I was last in in the previous transaction. I have to back-tab to the date field to start entering the next transaction.
> *  Because Enter/Return doesn't move the cursor, the "Enter moves to blank transaction" preference has no effect.
> * The new blank transaction shows today's date rather than the last date used. 
> * Delete Split doesn't work on a new, unsaved transaction [1]. Attempting to empty the transfer account on a split crashed Gnucash [2].
> * Deleting the value in a split's deposit or withdrawal column fails: the value is restored when one tabs out. One must enter 0 which is removed when one tabs out. It's not necessarily a bug, but it's different from Register-1 and we need to be aware of it.
> * One must click on a field or press Enter when starting to edit a new transaction, otherwise a search box opens when one begins typing.
> * Completion of the rest of a transaction after autocompletion fails intermittently.
> All of these problems occur on both OSX with Gtk-2.24.20 and Fedora-18 with Gtk-2.24.16.
I've just installed 2.5.5 on FreeBSD 9-stable using Gtk 2.24.19. In
addition to John's comments:
* The default column widths are bad. The date column is too narrow to
show the whole date. All of the value columns (Increment, Decrement,
Balance) are too narrow to show the first digit. The Number column is
very wide.
* The left and right scroll bars are disastrous. Get rid of the right
one and put the left one on the right like any normal program.
* When entering a transaction is complete, the register sometimes
scrolls back to the top (of both scroll bars).
Sorry to be negative, but it's just not usable in the current state.


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