Quick poll - Toolbar style preference

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at telenet.be
Wed Sep 18 07:14:28 EDT 2013

While I'm working on migrating preferences from gconf to gsettings, I came across the "Toolbar 
Style" preference.

I first started to migrate it verbatim, just like most other preferences, but then it occurred to me 
this is really a general GUI preference, rather than a GnuCash specific one and that migrating it 
would cause some extra work in the Windows build (and maybe the OS X one as well).

So I'm inclined to remove it instead and let the user's desktop environment take care of it 

On any platform that has gnome, this should work as expected: the user's system-wide 
preference is used automatically. I don't see why someone would want to make an exception 
for GnuCash in such an environment.

On Windows, gnome is not available so it defaults to both icons and text. There's no obvious 
way to change this on that platform. I guess the same goes for OS X, though John can probably 
confirm or disagree.

I'm trying to balance user benefit vs code complexity here. If I do migrate the code to gsettings, 
that means the windows build has to be revised (and maybe the OS X one as well): the current 
code checks for system wide gconf settings. Those don't exist on Windows, but gconf is tolerant 
for missing settings schemas. Gsettings is not. So for gsettings we'd need to install the proper 
system wide schema definitions or GnuCash would simply crash. The package that ships those 
schema definitions is not in our build scripts yet (I will even have to figure out where I can get 

We could also start making platform exceptions as a workaround. But in that case I'd rather see 
the exceptions used for better system integration: figure out if Windows has some kind of 
system wide toolbar_style property and then use that to make GnuCash behave like other 
windows programs. And the same for OS X. Anyway, that would rather be an enhancement 
request rather than a required feature for 2.6.

Can others agree that I remove this option ?


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