Allowing the user to select the currency symbol

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Sep 25 11:02:55 EDT 2013

Frédéric Perrin <fred at> writes:

> Yes. OTOH, beyond the locale currency, we can't decide for the user what
> is meant by $ or £. Do you think this is too much trouble for something
> users won't bother to configure ?

Possibly, yes.

> I guess we can decide to use $ for USD, £ for GBP and for the other
> currencies, invent some qualifier. CAD already has C$, but e.g. Brunei
> and Bahamain both have B$. How do we resolve this ambiguity ?

Maybe.  Maybe not..  One possibility would be to have defaults in the
iso-4217-currencies and a flag (which the user can set) for whether to
display it.

>> worse, GConf editing is really only simple on Linux, so you're leaving
>> out users of Mac and Windows.
> Editing GConf was only for development, if the idea is sound we'd
> hopefully also get a GUI editor (new tab in the Pref dialog ?).

While interesting, this would be a lot of effort!  :)
But go ahead if this is your plan.
You could start with built-in defaults and let the user change them;
perhaps on a per-datafile setting?  (That would indeed be easiest).  Or
I guess it could go into the user's "global" settings.  Hard to say
what's the Right Thing here.


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