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Thu Sep 26 23:55:20 EDT 2013

On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 3:01 PM, Carsten Rinke <carsten.rinke at> wrote:

> 4. I am not familiar with the US tax system, but the the current dialog
> seems to be TXF focussed, and I wonder how much this is related to paper
> form based tax declarations. I would prefer a dialog that is structured
> more in analogy to the old school paper form declarations like
> 1. choose a form from a set of forms given for a certain type of tax
> declaration (here: income tax)
> 2. choose the line in this form to be filled in
> 3. choose the column to be filled in (if applicable, e.g. column for
> "husband" or "wife")
> 4. choose the accounts that are relevant for the selected field
If I recall the TXF data format *IS* based on the US tax forms. TXF was
created as an interchange format to exchange data between the folks who
created online tax forms and the folks who want to get or send the data
between those forms and other systems.

When someone sets up the tax information in GnuCash (I believe, as I have
never gone to the trouble) I think the various TXF settings actually
specify which lines the data is intended to fill on whatever specific US
Tax forms (paper or electronic; as they are available as PDFs nowadays), in
all their mind-numbing complexity. I cannot speak for the German setup, but
I suspect it may be similar.

SO You might start out by looking for a TXF-like file format for the
country you're interested in addressing. It may be that such a thing works
very much like the US TXF format.

I hope that observation is helpful.

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