International Income Tax Info

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Mon Sep 30 11:22:35 EDT 2013

On Thursday 26 September 2013 22:01:42 Carsten Rinke wrote:
> Hi,
> as far as I can see the income tax info collection is only available
> for the US.
> There is also some German business tax stuff implemented, but
> regarding income tax no international implementation is available
> yet.
> If this is correct understanding then I would like to volunteer to
> implement such a "international" solution. This is not really trivial,
> so I would like to get some feedback if my idea outlined below has a
> chance to find a way into the main trunk before spending the hours on
> it.
> Proposal for a solution:
> 1. Add a preference variable called "Tax Country" that lets the user
> choose the country for which he would like to declare tax. This should
> not be connected to the locale setting of the computer as for the
> German business tax implementation (I for myself always install my
> computers with english locale but I need to declare my taxes in
> Germany).
Ok. But it may be handy to leverage the locale as default tax country if no tax country has 
been set explicitly (yet).

> 2. Currently the income tax info is collected in the dialog
> Preferences -> Tax Report Options
> Rename the dialog to "Income Tax Editor" and move it to the Tools
> menu.
> 3. Make the appearance of the dialog dependend on the preference
> setting for "Tax Country".
> This enables to display data for country specific tax declaration
> forms.
> 4. I am not familiar with the US tax system, but the the current
> dialog seems to be TXF focussed, and I wonder how much this is
> related to paper form based tax declarations. I would prefer a dialog
> that is structured more in analogy to the old school paper form
> declarations like 1. choose a form from a set of forms given for a
> certain type of tax declaration (here: income tax)
> 2. choose the line in this form to be filled in
> 3. choose the column to be filled in (if applicable, e.g. column for
> "husband" or "wife")
> 4. choose the accounts that are relevant for the selected field
> The concept that a scheme report has to be called to eventually
> display the resulting Income Tax Report remains untouched. If the
> preference says Tax Country "US" then the tax info dialog stays as
> is.
> What do you think?
All the rest seems fine to me.

Good luck !


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