segfaults when running graphical reports

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Thu Apr 24 15:07:49 EDT 2014

On Thursday 24 April 2014 14:16:18 Mike Alexander wrote:
> I've seen this behavior for months, ever since the Python support was
> added, I think.  tostop isn't set in my terminal session.  I looked at
> a backtrace when it was stopped and I suspect the problem is this
> (from
> the page you linked to):
> > The process attempted to change the terminal modes with tcsetattr(3)
> > or an equivalent ioctl. (These are the same modes shown by stty.)
> > This generates SIGTTOU regardless of the current state of the tostop
> > flag.
> When Python initializes READLINE, it does something to trip over this.
>                Mike

What versions of python and readline do you have on your system ?


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