error-on-warning default

Mike Alexander mta at
Mon Apr 28 12:05:15 EDT 2014

--On April 28, 2014 8:58:36 AM -0400 Geert Janssens 
<gjanssens at> wrote:

> commit 06e7199bda8a901891f821f8479da24be20ed6d7
> Author: Gary Bilkus <mail at>
> Date:   Fri Jan 17 13:23:02 2014 +0000
>     Win32: Fix to cope with new gcc not understanding
> no-undefined flag

I think you also changed the default for error-on-warning from "yes" to 
"no" for SCM builds.  Was this intentional?  Unless it's very difficult 
to get rid of the warnings, I think leaving this on by default for SCM 
builds is a good idea.


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