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Wed Apr 30 08:03:15 EDT 2014

On Wed, 30 Apr 2014 13:39:15 +0200
Geert Janssens <janssens-geert at> wrote:

> On Wednesday 30 April 2014 12:07:06 Mike Evans wrote:
> > 
> > Hi Geert.
> > 
> > Ah OK, that clears everything up.  I didn't know about selecting
> > multiple invoices and/or Pre-payments, or the Preferences option.  It
> > definitely needs to go in the documentation.
> > 
> > As to mouse over text and the manual, I obviously need to have more
> > experience with the new-fangled way of doing things before suggesting
> > anything. :)
> > 
> > The two paras below are just me confirming the behaviour, it all seems
> > to work as intended.
> > 
> > As a test in a new file I created two invoices of 400 each, posted
> > them and received 1000 which I paid against invoice-01.  Then
> > selecting invoice-02 + Prepayment(of 600) again processed the
> > payment.  Now looking at my checking account I see 1000 in and 200
> > out.  But I wanted to keep that 200 against the next invoice I give
> > the customer.  I can however delete that entry from the bank register
> > and all is well again.
> > 
> > Now reopening the test account, without saving (in order to try again)
> >  I do as above except, for invoice-02 I again select both the invoice
> > and the Pre-payment and attempt to set it up so that the I get to
> > keep the extra money.  On opening the dialog, in the Amount section,
> > Payment = 0.0 and refund = 200, but I want to keep the 200. The
> > customer is happy that I do this obviously.  Setting Refund to 0.0
> > greys out entire Transfer Account tree, which was a little confusing
> > as I thought I'd screwed up again, but clicking OK processes the
> > money the way I want.  I get to keep the money!
> > 
> > I assume you refer to "Auto pay on posting" in the Preferences dialog?
> >   This only works when posting a new invoice when a Pre-payment is
> > already present.  If the two invoices are already posted before the
> > (over)payment then the automatic payment doesn't happen, as it used
> > to.  I had to unpost then re-post invoice-02 for this to work. 
> > Perhaps I mis-understood again.
> > 
> That's a subtle change in behaviour indeed. It works as follows:
> If you select any invoice in the payment dialog it will only evaluate those invoices for the 
> payment. If you want the payment dialog to evaluate all open invoices (i.e. the old behaviour), 
> you should ensure no invoice is selected at all.

Aha but, the only way to have no invoices selected is to open the payment dialog via Business->Customer->Process Payment, when not currently in an invoice tab, then select a customer.  But now the OK button is inactive and there's a warning that says I must "select at least on document or pre-payment to process".

Ah. I've just discovered that CTRL+L_Button toggles the selection.  The above still applies though, inactive OK.

> It's been a couple of months since I have written this code and I can't remember exactly if I 
> tested all variations with outstanding pre-payments as well. I *believe* the above should 
> count for pre-payments as well. If you want full automatic assignment don't select any line in 
> the payment dialog, only enter an amount.
> > 
> > Thanks for clearing up my confusion Geert.  I should open a bug (or
> > two) for updating the manual and the mouseover texts so this doesn't
> > get forgotten about.
> > 
> Please do, thank you.
> Geert

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