Apportioning GST in the account register

Mark Sutton mes at
Sun Aug 3 13:12:42 EDT 2014

Hi,I guess I should comment about a solution I have imagined for some time.

It has been suggested before that formula can be entered into the amount fields
of the ledger. For an item with tax included, such as a bank import.
I would enter something like " $amount - ($amount * 5 / 105)
this leaves the amount before tax in the account entry and generates an
IMBALANCE-CAD entry for the input tax credit amount.
For me this happens to be one or two account entries away from GST-ITC.

This works fine, but it seems just wrong to be entering the same formula
over and over again into a programmable device.

One possibility would be to have this formula available from the ALT menu.
Ideal would be a group a user defined formula, and the ability to place
products into specific accounts.
Not automated, but a step in the right direction.

At this point the ALT menu has the ability to delete a transaction or the splits
from a transaction . It also seems to have a the ability to create new entries
other accounts.

How possible is it to add the other functionality?

Cheers. Mark

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