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Wed Aug 6 22:15:35 EDT 2014

On Aug 6, 2014, at 2:16 PM, Geert Janssens <janssens-geert at> wrote:

> On Wednesday 06 August 2014 16:16:17 Aaron Laws wrote:
>> I tried to follow the directions at
>>, but I couldn't
>> find a Bugzilla issue encapsulating the Great C++ Refactor. Should I
>> create one so there is a place to put patches?
>> I learned on IRC that it is generally a goal not to have C++ keywords
>> in the Gnucash code base, and this patch is along those ends. I think
>> I got all the C++11 keywords that would interfere with a C++11
>> compile. If this is an inappropriate patch to submit, please let me
>> know. After my signature, you can find the patch prepared using `git
>> format-patch` (as specified in
>> Also, I followed the
>> advice of ("All
>> development should target the *master* branch."). Please let me know
>> if anything looks amiss (the amount of context, using unified diff
>> format, perhaps I should be attaching instead of in-line quotation,
>> etc.). Thanks!
>> In Christ,
> Hi Aaron,
> Thank you for your patch. I haven't tested it yet but IMO the intention is correct.
> As for bugzilla: you can create a new bugreport and attach your patch there. Attaching it to a 
> mailing list message risks that it gets lost in the midst of the ongoing discussions. 'git format-
> patch' is perfectly fine as format.
> As for the "All development should target the *master* branch", we should change this. 
> That's advice from the svn era. In git bugfixes should target the *maint* branch. New 
> features and enhancements should target *master*.

I clarified a bit and cleared out all of the old stuff about backports and audits. I'm not quite satisfied with it, so I'll let it percolate in my head for a day or two and have another go. If someone else has some thoughts, by all means dive in.

Let's not have a generic "Convert GnuCash to C++" bug that will accumulate a zillion patches and a zillion comments. That will just become a headache. If you (Aaron) would rather attach the patch to a bug, make it "Remove C++11/14 Keywords"or something, but I'm perfectly happy using Github pull requests for C++ if that's more convenient. I don't really see that patch as a bug-fix; it's not a problem with maint that it doesn't compile in C++. OTOH, *not* applying it to maint will make it harder to merge into master sooner than otherwise, so I'm not opposed to it either as long as it passes `make distcheck`.

John Ralls

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