Bug 533738 - Budget report: Option "Show full account names" not supported

Carsten Rinke carsten.rinke at gmx.de
Sun Aug 10 13:31:45 EDT 2014


because the bug is not yet assigned to gnucash-core-maint I post here my 
comments that I just added

budget.scm makes use of html-acct-table.scm to list the accounts.

After looking into html-acct-table.scm my guess is that displaying the full
account name is not intended because the accounts list is shown as a tree by
corresponding indent, so the parent accounts are easily identifiable.

 From that point of view the fault reported by this bug is that the checkbox for
selecting full accounts name is available. The fact that the full account names
are not supported is ok.

And a fix would be to take out that option from the GUI.

Does that sound okay?

Kind regards,

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