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> Then I can make a C++ class and move the functionality into
> it one function at a time, converting the C function to a wrapper
> with C linkage. I can test that against the existing C tests, add C++
> tests, and move on to the next function. The rest of GnuCash can't
> tell anything's changed; new work now has two versions of the API to
> use depending on whether it's completely new or a modification of
> existing. If it comes time to start the release cycle and the
> conversion isn't complete, we can ship it as-is because nothing's
> broken.

It sounds good *in theory*, but I'm not so sure you're going to rewrite engine
and get rid of cruft this way.

Still, as a happy GC user, I wish you all success.

For the sake of experiment I briefly tried KMyMoney anticipating that (maybe)
KDE could fill the need, but *very* quickly I was back to xfce/i3/Gnucash. :-)


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