Mandatory Customer Addresses - Why?

Jesse the Wind Wanderer jesse at
Sat Aug 16 07:38:22 EDT 2014

Dear GNU Cash Development Team,
First can I say thank you for creating a professional accounting 
software for linux and doing so as an open source project! You guys 
ROCK! In fact your part of the reason I switched to linux in the first 
place. You see when I started my business in 2006 I didn't have any 
money and decided that if I was going to run a business I couldn't use 
pirated software. I found GNUCash and the decision was made :-)

My question today is why are customer addresses mandatory? I'm a 
performer and I often do gigs at parks & public places. My clients pay 
me cash and I never need to know their actual address. Sure I can enter 
a dummy address like "Unknown" but I wanted to ask if there was a reason 
for making this field mandatory, is it used as an index in a database? 
or is there some other programmatic reason it is required? or was it 
just a user interface choice? If it's just an interface choice could you 
please add an option to turn it off in the preferences.

Thank you.

P.S. I'm using GnuCash 2.6.3 built from rev 4e4a032+ on 2014-04-08
Running on Ubuntu 12.04

Jesse Williamson

Jesse the Wind Wanderer
ph: 0400789765

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