python-bindings: coredump whil executing gnucash.Session

Mike Alexander mta at
Sun Dec 14 22:18:51 EST 2014

--On December 14, 2014 at 7:02:15 AM -0800 John Ralls 
<jralls at> wrote:

> Did you regenerate the swig files? You'll need to do that often on
> master. If you build in a separate directory you'll need to `git
> clean -fdx` in your source directory then re-run and
> configure. If you build in-source `make distclean` should do it.

Is that really true?  I've been building in a separate build directory 
for years and haven't ever done that.  If I want a clean build I just 
move the existing build directory aside and create a new one.  This has 
always seemed to work.  It appears to me that the generated swig C 
source files are put in the build directory, not the source directory, 
so blowing away the build directory causes them to be rebuilt.  If you 
build in the source directory a 'make distclean' is no doubt required.


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