currency linked to a stock

Sébastien de Menten sdementen at
Wed Dec 17 16:28:55 EST 2014


There is no currency explicitly linked to a given stock (is this correct?).

As a result, one can attach to a given stock multiple prices in multiple
For instance, YHOO (which is traded in USD) could have a price in CAD if
entered manually (in the price editor or through a transaction). When using
the online download, one always get the "correct" currency.
Shouldn't each security (that is not a currency) have its currency (like
USD for YHOO) ? or is this a feature ?

On a related topic, if I have an account with YHOO stock as a commodity
(and so traded in USD), but that my default currency is CAD and that I have
downloaded both the YHOO prices in USD and the exchange rate USD/CAD, can
Gnucash convert the YHOO stock in CAD when displaying the Grand Total ?



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