git always make some files modified

Mike Alexander mta at
Sat Dec 27 15:31:02 EST 2014

--On December 27, 2014 at 9:16:56 PM +0100 Christian Stimming 
<christian at> wrote:

> My solution is as follows:
> - Remove the .gitattributes file
> - Commit this removal into git (which makes the modified-message go
> away),
> - And reset the master branch back to the original master.

Removing .gitattributes is a very bad idea.  It will mess up the line 
endings in your repository.  It will only affect you if you don't push 
things to other repositories, but it is still not a good idea.  Anyone 
who pushes things to other repositories should not remove that file (or 
change it unless they are very careful).

Git repositories are supposed to have all text files normalized to LF 
line endings.  Then autocrlf controls what happens to them in your 
checked out copy.  One of the big problems is determining what files 
are text files and so should be normalized.  If you remove 
.gitattributes then you will cause git to misidentify text files and 
mess up line endings in things you commit to the repository.  This is 
particularly true on Windows machines, but can be a problem on Linux 
machines or Macs too.


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