Byte order mark always make some files modified

Mike Alexander mta at
Sun Dec 28 22:31:04 EST 2014

--On December 28, 2014 at 7:19:42 PM +0800 Chenxiong Qi 
<qcxhome at> wrote:

>> And what sort of machine is this on?  Windows, Mac, or Linux?  I have
>> core.autocrlf set to "input" and it seems to work ok for me on my
>> Mac. You might want to reread the section on "End-of-line
>> conversion" in the "git help attributes" man page.
> Linux. I'm running Fedora 21.

I don't know what the problem is.  I just tried this again using Git 
2.2.1 on MacOSX 10.9.5 and it works fine.  I cloned the github 
repository and switched back and forth between maint and master a 
number of times and it worked fine.  The *.win32-bin.txt and *.mt940 
files have DOS line endings in my clone as they should.  What version 
of Git are you using?  Perhaps that is the problem.  There doesn't seem 
to be anything wrong with the repository's copy of GnuCash.


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