Announcement - Gnucash-htdocs repository will be regenerated next week

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Tue Feb 4 04:00:06 EST 2014

The gnucash-htdocs repository is growing rather large fairly rapidly. 
This turns out to be due to the compiled docs that are included in it. 
To remedy this we will move the compiled documentation into its own 
repository and rebuild the gnucash-htdocs repository without the 
compiled docs. This will reduce the repository from over 800Mb to less 
than 30Mb. 

At the same time we will also deprecate the use of the "trunk" branch as 
main branch in that repository and instead use the "master" branch which 
is a more common habit in the git world.

The side effect is that existing clones of gnucash-htdocs will no longer 
match with the history in the new gnucash-htdocs. /If you have a clone 
or fork of the current repository you will need to delete it and re-
clone from the new one. /If you have local branches which you want to 
transfer to the new repository, it's fairly easy, and instructions have 
already been added to the Gnucash-Git Wiki page[1]. /You can make the 
process much easier by keeping your clone/fork current with the base 
repository this week./

/Timing:/the rebuild is planned for next Thursday, February 13th around 
6-8am PT (9-11am ET, 2-4pm UTC). During that time the gnucash-htdocs 
repos on both and will be unstable. So avoid 
that time frame to push or pull any changes.


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