Trunk or master?

Geert Janssens janssens-geert at
Thu Feb 6 03:44:38 EST 2014

On Thursday 06 February 2014 02:13:11 Mike Alexander wrote:
> Since the server migration I see pushes to both the trunk and master
> branches of the gnucash repository.  Which should we push to, or does
> it not matter which one we use?  Are the two branches somehow synced?
> They do point to the same place right now.
>            Mike
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Trunk is set ups as an alias for master. So it doesn't really matter 
which one you push to currently.

This was set up to ease the migration from svn to git. Probably at some 
point the trunk alias will be removed again. It will happen for htdocs 
next week by the way when I rebuild it to extract the compiled docs.

Since you are aware already of the existence of both branches I'd 
suggest you go for master. That is the most future safe choice.


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