Improving the "Advanced Portfolio" report

Mike Alexander mta at
Sat Feb 8 00:19:00 EST 2014

--On January 28, 2014 12:06:00 AM -0500 Scott Armitage 
<account+gnucash at> wrote:

> Hi everyone, I tried to submit this suggestion last week but it
> appears to have been eaten somewhere along the line. I would like to
> improve the "Advanced Portfolio" report. At this time it is lacking
> some key functionality (or I have failed to discover how to use it)
> that would make it a complete solution for all of my financial
> management needs. My understanding is that Mike Alexander has been
> working on this report recently, so perhaps he can provide some
> feedback as to the feasibility of this.
> The report lets you select a report date and selection criteria for
> which price to use for stocks and funds. With this, I have been able
> to successfully create a report that, for a given date, will
> calculate my cost basis, realized and unrealized gains, income, and
> total rate of return for all time up to the report date. This has
> worked great and I have been able to reconcile it with my by-hand
> calculations, with my brokerage's records, and with Google Finance.
> Sweet!
> The report does not, however, let you select a "report from" date.
> This has been fine for me so far as I only started investing in early
> 2013. Now that 2014 has rolled around, I have come across two new
> use-cases for this type of report that I *require* in order for
> GnuCash to be my one-stop-shop.

What you suggest would be useful, and probably not too hard to 
implement.  I want to finish up fixing the bugs found in the existing 
code, but I don't think I have time to implement this change right now. 
I would suggest that you file an enhancement request in Bugzilla for 
this so it doesn't get lost.  Perhaps I'll have time to get back to it.


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