Linas Vepstas linasvepstas at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 16:18:03 EST 2014

> > - remove the old content where we can, possibly moving the old tarballs
> > to sourceforge

Re: bandwidth:  I expect to get a 1 gigabit fiber optic within the next 6
months or so, maybe sooner, and so should be able to support dramatically
more content.

> - install a permanent redirect to the actual gnucash front page if
> > anyone tries to load one of the old links.

If this is saying what I think its saying, then yes, please.  I noticed a
while ago that there's a lot pf gnucash-related link-rot. There are dozens
of older pop-software sites that wrote about GnuCash over the years, and
included URL's to now-missing content.  Google and yahoo and bing continue
to dredge these up and show them to people, who then click on the links.
These show up as errors in the log-file.  At one point, I did a sweep of
the log file, and installed redirects for everything that I could find
there, but perhaps its time to do that again.  Or possibly you have better
technology for this than I do; my hacks were low-level.

Anyway, link-rot is evil: these popular-news sites drive a lot of traffic
to GnuCash, and anything we do that results in 404 not found is just
hurting ourselves.

-- Linas

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