Gnucash Segfaults

Derek Atkins derek at
Thu Feb 27 20:51:53 EST 2014


On Thu, February 27, 2014 8:16 pm, Ted Creedon wrote:
>  gnucash[12625]: segfault at 100000016 ip 00007f15bd5d4cac sp
> 00007fff24f1a228 error 4 in[7f15bd5a2000+4f000]

Any chance you could pull a full backtrace?  This says that the crash
happened in one of GnuCash's dependent libraries, libgobject, which is
part of glib.  Without a full trace there's no way we could track this
down.  See

> built from r4dc6397+ on 2013-09-28.

No idea what release this is...

> OpenSuSe 13.1
> What is a stable release?

2.6.1 is the current stable release.

> Tedc


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