Frank H. Ellenberger frank.h.ellenberger at
Sun Jan 5 07:48:16 EST 2014


Am 04.01.2014 14:23, schrieb Martin Mainka:
> Hi,
> please find enclosed a SVN Patchfile

Can you adjust your turtoisvn to use project relative pathes. E.g. drive 
letters C: are unknown in the unix world.

with minor corrections of spelling
> and extended the description of the base account set by a cash account
> (Asset:Cash), since it is uncommon in germany to pay groceries and other
> small commodities by check. Should be checked in under guide/de_DE

You should update your repo, the region codes were dropped.

> sorry for the mistake with the patch. It was first time to do a tortoise patch.
> I Did just a right click on the file and selected create patch.
> many thanks
> Martin
> don't know what is better, since gnucash-de is for users, and i sent it for developers, that can check in

Christian, I and a few currently resting devs are on both lists.
Sending it over de you had more eyes to catch typos.

I am nor really lucky with "Darlehenstandes", you can give credits 
resulting in assets and receive them resulting in liabilities (from your 
view). How about "Stand Ihres Fremdkapitals, also Darlehen die Sie in 
Anspruch nehmen, ..."?

The tax branch in german I would name "Steuern und Abgaben" but then the 
full path would become longer.

committed as r23667


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