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I began looking through these bugs. The first covers documentation for GnuCash 1.7, and is assigned to Chris Lyttle. I don't recognize the name; would someone take a look at the bug ( and see whether it can be closed, as I believe it probably could?


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As we get down to the wire for releasing GnuCash 2.6, we still have 45 open documentation bugs. You can see the list at; each bug on that list is a clickable link to the details.

If you’ve been looking for a way to contribute to Gnucash (or even if you haven’t ;-) ) but can’t contribute code for whatever reason, working on the documentation would be an excellent way to help.

Following the Gnome practice we use DocBook. Gnome has a nice manual for writing documentation, including DocBook, at 

John Ralls


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