Replacement for libdbi

Derek Atkins derek at
Sat Jan 11 17:29:20 EST 2014


> The problem is rather the duplicate codebase: from the point of view of
> the distribution (Debian) as a whole, it really means that there would
> be two copies of libdbi in it, and it is bad for the same reasons that
> you don't want two almost identical copies of a file in a single project
> (you rather want to factorize the common parts, which is the purpose
> achieved by a library at the distribution level).
> For example, that means that if a security issue were discovered in
> libdbi, then our security team would have to analyse and possibly fix
> two packages instead of one, hence double workload.
> The fact that GnuCash already has embedded copies of libqof and the
> gnumeric register is not a good reason to add more embedded copies :)

If you can get libdbi to actually fix the time_t issue (and any other
issues that we might be having) that would be great and obviate the need
to fork the code.  Alas, right now they seem unwilling to acknowledge the
existence of 32-bit Linux (and in particular 32-bit time_t).

I'm afraid it's not necessarily our job to make the lives of distribution
maintainers easier, although we certainly try whenever we can!


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