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David Osguthorpe david.osguthorpe at
Mon Jan 13 11:16:17 EST 2014

I am using the python bindings - in fact was just going to see about
getting some patches to update the bindings.

Just updated to 2.6.0 - looks as though some functions that used to exist
no longer exist in the Account class so need to be removed from

Ive noticed that the python bindings are not very "pythonic" - I have some
updates which improve this eg  account lookup used to require testing that
the swig instance was None - this got updated somewhere between 2.4 and 2.6
so now the python class returns None - the "pythonic" way seems to me is to
raise exception - which is what one of my updates does

So I was going to  email this list to see what is going on with the
bindings and how such improvements could be added.

Such updates will fail existing python code - such as the examples -
although Ive found other cases where existing changes means some of the
example python code no longer works


On Sun, Jan 12, 2014 at 11:22 AM, Henning Jacobs <henning at> wrote:

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> Hi,
> I recently discovered the great Python bindings and just updated
> to contain pointers to my
> scripts.
> Now my questions:
> * GncPrice does not contain a proper __init__, therefore I monkey
> patched it:
> --- What's the best way to make a patch request for the original GnuCash
> Python bindings?
> * Are there any other known/major users of the Python bindings?
> * Who is maintaining the Python bindings and is there any roadmap to
> improve them?
> IMHO the Python bindings are a really great way of enhancing the GnuCash
> functionality without having to code C/C++ (I would not be very
> productive with it...)
> I will properly write more code in the near future using the Python
> bindings --- I would also gladly help extending/improving the current
> code base and/or documentation :-)
> - - Henning
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