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Le samedi 11 janvier 2014 à 15:46 -0800, John Ralls a écrit :
> On Jan 11, 2014, at 3:08 PM, Sébastien Villemot <sebastien at> wrote: 
> > Concerning the time_t issue, I could carry a Debian-specific patch if
> > that change was not modifying the ABI (but I guess it does on 32-bit
> > archs). And anyways that would not fix the issue for other GNU/Linux
> > distributions. I could however add my voice to convince libdbi
> > developers. Is there a bug report to track this issue?
> Yes, it was ref 1 on my original post:
> Time_t is a ‘long int’ in all GNU systems. See /usr/include/bits/types.h and typesizes.h. *BSD have their own type system and AFAIK they alone have 64-bit time_t. It can actually be read as a violation of POSIX, but I’m not sure that anyone much cares about that anymore. The actual fix would change not only ABI but API as well: The function is question, dbi_result_get_datetime() returns a time_t. The only reasonable fix that wouldn’t break existing code is to provide a second function that returns a struct tm.

I see. The answer from the libdbi maintainers is not really helpful,
since they basically advocate to ditch GNU/Linux in favor of *BSD… As a
Debian Developer I probably cannot weigh in, since Debian is mostly
about Linux (we have kFreeBSD and Hurd ports, but their user base is
very small).

> There’s actually a workaround for that in libdbi-0.9.0, dbi_result_get_as_string_copy() which would allow us to pass the string to our own parser.
> But I’d actually prefer to just switch to ODB. It’s C++ and it has better abstractions.

Please let me know when you have made your final decision (I usually
follow the discussions on list, but I may miss it). Then I'll make your
new requirements available in Debian (either upgrading libdbi or
packaging a new lib).

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