Python bindings: patch, documentation, examples

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Jan 13 14:08:42 EST 2014

David Osguthorpe <david.osguthorpe at> writes:

>> Unfortunately Python isn't a very good built-in scripting language,
>> and supporting it on Mac and Windows is a serious PITA. Guile is
>> better, except the number of Scheme programmers loose in the world is
>> pretty small. For the foreseeable future I'd expect that any code
>> accepted into GnuCash itself will have to be C/C++ or Scheme, with a
>> very strong preference for C++.
> I dont understand why you would say this - Im using a lot of code with python
> (and Im on a Mac mainly also Linux - use gnucash via macports) in a lot of
>  very different code systems eg pymol, ffmpeg)

We say this because there is no "standard Python install" on Mac or
Windows, so when we build the GnuCash binary and ship an exe or dmg, we
cannot know what version of Python the user might have.  And if we
choose wrong, it just wont work right.  Our only option (AFAIK) would be
to ship our own version of Python, but frankly that would increase the
app size significantly for very little gain to the vast majority of

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