Bug 103181: not-monthly repayment schedules not supported in Mortgage/Loan Druid

alessandro basili alessandro.basili at cern.ch
Tue Jan 21 07:51:58 EST 2014

Hi everyone, further thoughts on the 'as of date balance'.

On 1/15/2014 12:12 AM, alessandro basili wrote:
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>>> Uhm, isn't a 'balance as of date' automatically calculated?
>> No, it is not.  The P/I splits assume you always pay the exact 
>> amount. If you over-pay your principal the P/I splits do not 
>> reflect the lower principal (and therefore different P/I split 
>> ratio).  E.g., if your mortgage is $995 (P+I) and you pay $1000,
>>  you've paid down your principal by $5 and therefore are paying 
>> interest on $5 less principal. GnuCash does not know how to
>> handle this, so over time your auto-generated P/I splits get
>> further and further from reality.

I have problem understanding how the formulas of PMT/IPMT/PPMT will
reflect the over payment. Paying down the principal would either lead
to a less amount of periods, or to a lower payment per period, is this

If this is the case how can we deal with this variability? Maybe the
Loan Assistant should be done in such a way to 'handle' completely the
loan/mortgage and operate on the variables to reschedule the remaining
SXs accordingly. This would mean that already scheduled SXs need to be
deleted or modified.

Given the design change required for this to work I guess that is more
realistic to fix the existing bugs before drafting a totally new approach.

I'm open to feedback/suggestions.


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