Building on Windows from scratch - datediff problem found

Gary Bilkus mail at
Thu Jan 23 10:23:54 EST 2014

I've done some more testing and found a problem with libofx and possibly aqbanking ( which I don't use ). It's easy enough to work round, but I'm not sure what the correct fix should be on Windows

The problem is that there's a known issue with datediff and mingw, due to differences in the versions of MSCVRT used by mingw as to whether they expect time_t to be 32 or 64 bits.

If you know you are compiling for Windows 7, you can get it to work by explicitly setting the windows version appropriately, so that it will use the 64 bit versions of time_t ( even on 32 bit windows ). However, I suspect that compiling that way won't work on XP which doesn't have the 64 bit version.

There is lots of noise about this issue in various forums, but no clear answer what the 'correct' solution is if you want to be able to compile on any supported Windows version, and ideally get a package which works everywhere as well.

Anyone have any good ideas how to fix this cleanly. The least bad solution might be simply to replace datediff with a simple subtraction, which should work for the cases it's used in libofx. But other dependencies might be different.



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