New Scheme report - trying to load from home dir

Yawar Amin yawar.amin at
Thu Jan 23 23:57:21 EST 2014

On 2014-01-23 13:50, Derek Atkins wrote:
> [...]
> This is an invalid menu path.  You are telling it, literally,
> "gnc:menuname-utility", which isn't a valid menu path name.  Try
> changing it to:
>   'menu-path (list gnc:menuname-utility)

Thanks Derek. I could've sworn that '(x) == (list x). But turns out not the case, for Guile at least.

Also another silly error on my end: I was using a `sub1` function which turned out not to exist.

So as it turns out, I got the report to load by copying the report '.scm' file* into my $HOME\.gnucash directory and changing the line in 'config.user' to:

(load "gc-decl-reports.scm")

The problem before that was that GnuCash is prepending '$HOME\.gnucash\' to the beginning of the load function string argument. So if I specified '$HOME\Documents\coding\gc-decl-reports\gc-decl-reports.scm' the load function would actually try to load '$HOME\.gnucash\$HOME\Documents\coding\gc-decl-reports\gc-decl-reports.scm'. Whoops. I don't know if this behaviour is specific to Windows or to 2.6 versus 2.4.

Also I am getting some debug output in my $TEMP directory (on Windows, it's %TEMP%, but principle is the same)--the 'gnucash.trace.*.log' files. So that's helping me while I try to figure out the next problem. If I get stuck on that I'll get back to the list.



* Technically, I didn't copy; I hard-linked them using the Windows 'mklink' command, but it's the same effect.

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