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Hi Geert,

On 1/25/2014 10:48 AM, Geert Janssens wrote:
> From this thread it wasn't immediately clear you were planning to 
> contribute to gnucash. I went back in the mailing list history and 
> found your thread about the mortgage wizard.

Indeed I did not want to make a lot of fuss about 'contributing' to
the project. I have a clear target in mind, fix those bugs which are
currently affecting my possibility to register my mortgage.

> I'm very happy you intend to. But in that case I would really 
> recommend you to set up a system you can use to build 2.6 and not 
> work on the 2.4 code base. It will save all parties involved a lot
> of frustration when your patches are ready to be merged.

This is perfectly understandable. I'll proceed with the VM approach.

>> I also noted that with the server migration there won't be any 
>> 'svn' access anymore unless required. I'm not particularly
>> familiar with git but I guess I can figure that out.
> The best thing to do is to start with learning git now and skip
> svn altogether for your work. At this very moment svn is only
> relevant still for the few people that have direct commit access.
> All others should assume gnucash is managed purely in git.

This will certainly add a little overhead, but I'd be happy to learn
something new, also because I find SVN a little 'behind my
expectations' when it comes to branching/merging. I'm not an SVN
afecionado so I guess it won't be too hard to switch.


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