C++ plans? (Re: r23706 - gnucash/trunk/src/register/ledger-core - Bug 721791)

Mike Alexander mta at umich.edu
Sun Jan 26 02:29:59 EST 2014

--On January 25, 2014 10:55:10 PM -0800 John Ralls <jralls at ceridwen.us> 

> <MacPorts/Fink Rant Deleted>. Yeah, I'm familiar with MacPorts. I
> don't like it. I've never tried Homebrew, mostly because I'm in the
> "eat your own dogfood" camp, and gtk-osx is that dogfood.

I'm no big fan of MacPorts, it's just what I happen to use.  I figure 
it's easier than installing all that stuff by hand.  I used to use 
Fink, but switched for reasons I can't recall.  I've never tried 
Homebrew either.


>> I do use XCode to debug Gnucash.  I don't build it there, but it
>> works fine as a GUI for the debugger.  Somewhat to my surprise, lldb
>> is happy to debug code produced by gcc.
> On the subject of Xcode, you committed a change to .gitignore a few
> weeks ago to exclude .xcodeproj. Would you mind sharing the
> .xcodeproj? I'd suggest putting it in the repo but I'm not sure that
> they're static enough for that to work well. I'm particularly
> interested in doing some profiling: I've noticed that GnuCash 2.6.0
> stalls a lot and I want to know why. That's easier to do directly in
> Xcode than doing a -prof build and then running the Instruments part
> of Xcode on the result.

I've thought about checking that in, but I would need to clean it up 
first.  I'll see if I can do that and check it in.  It's fairly static, 
there is a separate file that contains user local settings and state 

I've noticed the stalls too.  All I can add to that is that when it 
stalls, Gnucash is getting lots of page faults.  This makes me think of 
some sort of garbage collection that is touching lots of memory.  I've 
thought of just a brute force approach of interrupting it during one of 
these stalls to see what it's doing.  Who knows, I might learn 


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