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Hi John,

On 1/26/2014 2:25 AM, John Ralls wrote:
>>> alb at wheezy:~/Repositories/gnucash/src/bin/test$ ./test-version
>>> (process:28304): GLib-WARNING **: GError set over the top of a 
>>> previous GError or uninitialized memory. This indicates a bug
>>> in someone's code. You must ensure an error is NULL before it's
>>> set. The overwriting error message was: No such file or
>>> directory GnuCash 2.6.0 development version This copy was built
>>> from git rev 53e1954+ on 2014-01-26.
>> What am I doing wrong?
> Probably nothing. That’s what I get when I do the same thing, so
> that script has apparently succumbed to bit-rot.

Same thing happened if launched from gnucash/src/bin/

> Go back to Repositories/gnucash and run make check. If everything
> passes, your build is OK.

Uhm, I found my locale was not good enough for gnucash, added en_US,
en_GB and fr_FR, but I still got 1 test failed:

> * 12:53:38  CRIT <gnc.engine> [xaccSplitSetValue()] numeric error
> in converting the split value's denominator * 12:53:38  CRIT
> <gnc.engine> [xaccSplitSetValue()] numeric error in converting the
> split value's denominator FAILURE
> gnc_transaction_sixtp_parser_create test-xml-transaction.c:361 40 
> Executed 100 tests. There was 1 failure. FAIL:
> test-xml-transaction Executed 1 test. All tests passed. PASS:
> test-xml2-is-file ========================================== 1 of
> 13 tests failed Please report to gnucash-devel at 
> ========================================== make[6]: ***
> [check-TESTS] Error 1 make[6]: Leaving directory
> `/home/alb/Repositories/gnucash/src/backend/xml/test' make[5]: ***
> [check-am] Error 2 make[5]: Leaving directory
> `/home/alb/Repositories/gnucash/src/backend/xml/test' make[4]: ***
> [check-recursive] Error 1 make[4]: Leaving directory
> `/home/alb/Repositories/gnucash/src/backend/xml/test' make[3]: ***
> [check-recursive] Error 1 make[3]: Leaving directory
> `/home/alb/Repositories/gnucash/src/backend/xml' make[2]: ***
> [check-recursive] Error 1 make[2]: Leaving directory
> `/home/alb/Repositories/gnucash/src/backend' make[1]: ***
> [check-recursive] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory
> `/home/alb/Repositories/gnucash/src' make: *** [check-recursive]
> Error 1

BTW, 'apt-get build-dev gnucash' was not sufficient on wheezy. I still
needed to install manually the following:

> sudo apt-get install xsltproc sudo apt-get install swig sudo
> apt-get install libxslt sudo apt-get install libxslt1-dev sudo
> apt-get install libxslt1.1 sudo apt-get install xsltproc

and I also had to set 'disable-dbi' since I do not have any db and I
don't bother for now.


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