Default account structure for different locales

Ngewi Fet ngewif at
Wed Jan 29 08:05:04 EST 2014

Hello everyone,
I am working on generating the default GnuCash account structure in the
Android app without having to export from desktop and then import. For this
to happen, I need the account structure file for different locales.

I need your help to get localized default account structure files for
To do this, go to *File -> New File*, select the currency for your locale
and on the next page select
 "General accounts" or "Commonly used accounts" (depending on your
translation). A new GnuCash file will be created which you can save.

Now, go to *File -> Export -> Accounts* to export the account structure.
Save the account structure as default_accounts_<locale>.gnucash and send me
the file please.
So far I already have the account structure for the German locale

I would appreciate it if everyone for the non-English locales could do this
on their local version of GnuCash and send to me.

Thank you in advance.

Ngewi Fet

PS: Please reply to the list not me directly so that anyone else from your
local who was thinking of doing the same can spare themselves some effort.

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