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Sat Jul 5 03:09:58 EDT 2014

> On July 5, 2014 at 2:43 AM Sumit Bhardwaj <bhardwajs at> wrote:
>  Just a quick note on my problems with compiling master today with
> Wno-non-literal-null-conversion.
>  Compile kept on failing with the error message "gcc error: unrecognized
> command line option" referring to the Wno-non-literal-null-conversion flag. My
> gcc version is 4.8.3 20140624 (Red Hat 4.8.3-1) (GCC)
>  Commenting out this warning gave me a clean build. For now, I have commented
> this in my local gnucash and in the local github directory.
>  #AX_CHECK_COMPILE_FLAG([-Wno-non-literal-null-conversion],
>  #    [AM_CFLAGS="${AM_CFLAGS} -Wno-non-literal-null-conversion"],
>  #    [], [-Werror])
>  gcc man page doesn't list this warning as an option either. Not sure what's
> going on. Will try to look tomorrow.
>  Thanks,
>  Sumit
>  P.S. - maint had same problem.


Did it fail in configure or at the first C compilation? If the latter, please
find the section in config.log that shows the compile-flag test and post it


John Ralls

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